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PES to establish permanent fabrication base at Uttaranchal - PES has acquired land in ELDECO SIDCUL Industrial Park, Sitargunj, Uttaranchal for setting up of a permanent manufacturing...
PES begins the ISO 9001 certification process - PES has initiated system study and gap analysis for implementation of the ISO 9001...


About Hydro

PES in Hydro

PES in Electro

    Installation of steel liner in inclined      pressure shaft for Tata Power                  at Khopoli

Hydro Mechanical Equipment
PES undertakes Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Manufacture, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of complete Hydro Mechanical equipment including the following.

  Penstocks/ Steel Liners/ Pressure Shafts
  Valves (Butterfly and Rotary)

Major achievements

•  Projects executed                            12

•  Cumulative weight of penstocks 
    installed to date                              26433 MT

•  Projects in progress                         7

•  Cumulative weight of penstocks
    in progress                                      34640 MT

•  Largest diameter (penstock) installed 12 meters

•  Highest design head installed            2540 meters

•  Largest bifurcation (completed)         12 to 6
                                                           & 9 meters

Major projects executed

•  Tehri Hydro Power project                 6100 MT

•  Ghatghar Pumped Storage Plant         2310 MT

•  Pykara Ultimate Stage                       2800 MT

•  Khopoli Power House                         3000 MT

•  Srisailam Left Bank                            6597 MT

•  Doyang Hydro Project                       1700 MT

•  Sirmour Hydro Project                       2600 MT



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