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PES to establish permanent fabrication base at Uttaranchal - PES has acquired land in ELDECO SIDCUL Industrial Park, Sitargunj, Uttaranchal for setting up of a permanent manufacturing...
PES begins the ISO 9001 certification process - PES has initiated system study and gap analysis for implementation of the ISO 9001...


About Nuclear

PES in Nuclear

       Madras Atomic Power Station

Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) are thermal power stations that produce electrical power from a heat source i.e. a nuclear reactor. These nuclear reactors are devices in which nuclear chain reactions are initiated, controlled and sustained at a steady rate.

Nuclear power is generated by nuclear fission reactions that occur when sufficient amounts of uranium-235 and/or plutonium are confined to a small space, often in the presence of a neutron moderator. The heat produced by this reaction is converted to kinetic energy by a steam

turbine and then a generator for electricity production. Currently Nuclear power provides about 17% of the world's electricity and 7% of global energy.

India has six nuclear power plants in operation currently - Tarapur Atomic Power station, Rajasthan Atomic Power station, Madras Atomic Power station, Narora Atomic Power station, Kakrapar Atomic Power station and Kaiga Atomic Power station


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