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PES to establish permanent fabrication base at Uttaranchal - PES has acquired land in ELDECO SIDCUL Industrial Park, Sitargunj, Uttaranchal for setting up of a permanent manufacturing...
PES begins the ISO 9001 certification process - PES has initiated system study and gap analysis for implementation of the ISO 9001...


About Nuclear

PES in Nuclear

   Steam piping for Kalpakkam Fuel           Reprocessing plant

PES undertakes Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the following equipment.

  Critical piping
  Conventional piping
  Rotary and stationary equipments
  Retrofitting of critical reactor components     for life extension of old plants

Major Achievements

•  Number of reactors for which major
    nuclear piping was installed                     6

•  Other major piping installation works for
   Research & Reprocessing facilities            22

•  Leader in the field of hi-tech welding of     exotic material Nuclear reactor Piping.

•  PES evolved a modular system wherein     nuclear piping components are fabricated in
    a centrally located fabrication shop under     nuclear clean conditions. Precision finished,     they would be shifted intact to the erection     site saving drastically on time and cost

Major Projects Executed •  Narora Atomic Power Plant  - Unit 1 & 2

•  Kakrapar Atomic Power Plant - Unit 1& 2

•  Kaiga Atomic Power Plant - Unit 1 & 2

•  IGCAR - In cell piping

•  Replacement of boiler heat exchangers    for    Madras Atomic Power Station.


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