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PES begins the ISO 9001 certification process - PES has initiated system study and gap analysis for implementation of the ISO 9001...


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           Thermal Power Plant

Thermal power plants are similar to hydro electric power plants in operation. However, instead of using force of water to generate electricity, thermal plants produce steam by burning coal, oil or natural gas or other such high calorific material as fuel, to boil water and produce steam to turn the turbine propeller.

Thermal power plants normally consist of a coal conveyer, stoker, pulveriser, boiler, electrostatic precipitator, smokestack, turbine, condenser, transformer, cooling towers, generator and power lines

Coal based power plants have the advantage of having a relatively cheaper source of energy as coal. However since coal is not renewable and also because of other emission, quarrying and thermal pollution related issues, it is not considered as an efficient method to produce power.



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