• Hydraulic steel structures / Hydro mechanical equipment


    • Completion of India’s largest Steel Liner (12 mtrs. dia) for Srisailam power project in 2001
    • Successful installation of longest inclined pressure shaft steel liner in Asia ( 1500 mtrs) for Parbati hydro electric project  in 2005
    • Completion of installation of stee liner for one of  the deepest of pressure shaft  in the world  (680 mtrs. deep) for Teesta 3 HEP  in 2015

     Hydraulic Gates  & Hoists

    • Successful completion of design , supply installation of Diversion tunnel gate of size 8 mtrs x 8 mtrs  with head of  75 mtrs operated with a rope drum hoist of 200 MT capacity for Koteshwar power plant in  2008
    • Completioin of EPC contract for design and installation of all HM components for nimmo Bazo and Chutak In high altitude Ladhak region in 2012
    • Successful completion of design , supply installation of of 20 nos radial gates of size 5 x 17 with all associated HM equipment for nagarjuna sagar tail pond project in year 2015
  • Nuclear  piping

    Successful completion of critical nuclear piping work for Narora Atomic Power Project – Unit I in 1990.

    Completion critical incell & utility piping for Indira Gandhi centre for atomic research in 1994.

    Successful Installation and commissioning Nuclear piping for  Kaiga 1 & 2 of in 2000

  • Hydro Turbine generator

    Refurbishment and maintenance of Turbo Generators for Sharavathy hydro plant 1993.

    Successful completion of installation of Fuji Turbo Generator 150MW X 4 for Indravati HRP in year 2001

    Successful completion of installation of Hitachi Turbo Generator 204 MW X 6 for sardar sarovar i HEP in year 2006

    Ventured into North Eastern sector with Doyang Hydroelectric project in a remote and disturbed area in Nagaland. PES is one of the few companies to execute projects in the NE sector successfully for over a decade and ranks among the most preferred service providers in the sector.

  • Solar

    Carried out the first above 100 MW one location tracker installation in the country.

    First of its kind canal top solar plant with modules mounted on wire rope suspension system.