Reactor feeder pipes

Reactor feeder pipes which prevent the reactor from melting and overheating by providing primary coolant is one among the major components of the Nuclear power plant. PES Engineers undertakes installation, testing and commissioning of premium quality Reactor Feeder Pipes.

Product Specifications:

  • Alloy steel pipes of grade ASTM A333 diameter 30mm to 75mm with wall thickness ranging from 5mm to 25 mm.


  • Feeder fabrication, installation completed for 4 reactors at Narora & Kaiga Atomic power plants.
  • Successfully completed manufacture of the feeder in central fab shop transported and installed at Kakrapar atomic power plant 1 &2 in the record time of 24 months.
  • Undertook replacement of Feeder pipes in Contaminated reactor vaults of Kakrapar Atomic power plant in just 6 months.