PES strives for the SAFEST possible work environment at its job sites and fabrication shops by continuously improving and evolving safety measures and effectively disseminating safety-related information. 

PES is committed to provide proper training, tools and equipment to its employees to enable them to perform their duties safely and to aid them in developing proper safety habits. It is open to suggestions and contribution from its employees, contractors and partners in its quest for an accident-free work place.

Safety Initiatives

PES has implemented the following safety initiatives:

  • Completed a Health and Safety Risk Assessment of the company
  • Implemented a Health and Safety Policy throughout the company
  • Compiled a comprehensive Safety Manual, which is readily available at all of its sites and its Head Office.
  • Appointed Safety Engineers who are entrusted with Health and Safety Monitoring and Training throughout the company.
  • Organised safety camps and training programs for all levels of management and workers.