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PES to establish permanent fabrication base at Uttaranchal - PES has acquired land in ELDECO SIDCUL Industrial Park, Sitargunj, Uttaranchal for setting up of a permanent manufacturing...
PES begins the ISO 9001 certification process - PES has initiated system study and gap analysis for implementation of the ISO 9001...
PES at Srisailam Hydro Project

PES Engineers undertakes execution of engineering and construction projects in Hydroelectric, Nuclear and Thermal power plants, Steel and Oil and gas installations. India's leading service provider in the Hydro Mechanical Equipment segment, PES specializes in the following services.

Hydro Mechanical equipment: Design, Manufacture, Fabrication, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Penstocks, Valves, Gates and Expansion joints.

Electro Mechanical equipment: Assembly, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Turbines and Generators.

                                       Incorporated in 1981, PES has an asset base of Rs. 278 mn,
over 1100 employees and a nation wide network of offices and project sites.

Safety at PES
PES has a comprehensive safety policy and follows industry guidelines and procedures...

and PES
Large-scale project constr-
uction involves displace-
ment and interruption of nature's existing plans. PES recognizes ...

QC and QA
PES places a high premium on Quality management. PES has incorporated a formal Quality system ...
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